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Inside-out Yoga

  • Who is this course for?

This course is for those interested in working closely with a teacher to improve themselves by working with the three aspects of their existence: body, speech, and mind. A special emphasis is placed on developing the body by improving flexibility, strengthening muscles, and correcting posture and balance. I achieve this by following students on an individual basis and, paying attention to their personal goals, suggest personalized corrective conditioning, yoga exercises, and so on. While personal training is an option for those who want to be followed closely, this course offers some of the benefits of the continued attention of an instructor while working alongside others in a class.

About the Inside-out YOGA classes

The aim is to progress by building awareness from the inside and moving towards working with the entire body. Sessions begin with meditation, which serves to cultivate an appropriate intention and state of mind. Next comes the pranayana. These mantras and breathing techniques use the subtle energies of the body to warm it up and prepare it for the yoga itself. After this come the yoga positions, which slowly build up the body’s flexibility. While continuing to make use of the earlier meditation and breathing, the positions also improve practitioners' quality of life, including their mental awareness, character, and bodily posture. The session ends with some exercises which focus on strengthening the muscles and solidifying the gains made in previous exercises.

My journey to Yoga

After doing a variety of martial arts (including being a Tae Kwon Do international champion), I went to China to study in Shaolin Temple with the intention to refine martial arts through meditation and qi kong practices. Eventually, this journey led me to Tibet where, through Mantrayana, I learned Tibetan Yoga. Many years of practice later, I am adept at and teaching many advanced yogic practices with an emphasis on awareness and gradual improvement of quality of life.