Spiritual life

Spiritual life teaching

I am a teacher who offers tools to live life in a better, more spiritual way, to live a spiritual life. I see spirituality as the very essence of our nature as sentient beings. Spirituality is something which is already there, to be discovered within ourselves, in connection with the world around us. In keeping this focus as a guide, I can help you as a spiritual friend.

My vision

I wish for those in touch with me, to stabilize and increase their happiness, to fulfill their wishes and to share their unique contributions to life.

I see my students, my friends, improving their life skills, not getting stuck and being creative. They solve problems with flexibility, intelligence, and intuition and are able to overcome suffering.

I hope for them to become stronger, able to take full responsibility of their happiness, to have a more positive mind and be surrounded by more positive friends. To be part of a spiritual friendship.

Five golden Teachings

The roots are the six yogas, the trunk is Mahamudra, the branches are the three ways of guidance, the flowers are the two special practices of the completion stage, and the fruit is the deathless nature of mind and body.

My mission

My approach to helping people live their life more spiritually consists in applying methods to change our mind. These changes would:

  • become more calm and firm
  • translate mental improvements into bodily improvements
  • improve our sensitivity and find happiness in sharing
  • experiencing things in a simpler and clearer way
  • improve our point of view, finding deeper meanings

To this end. I offer different kinds of activities like meditation, yoga classes, personal training, spiritual teaching, and workshops.