I have a spiritual approach. I do not expect anything in exchange for the services I offer. I leave to the person the evaluation of a possible support.

I want to offer to the person the total freedom to make or not a donation, when to make it and the value of the same. If you think you can contribute in any other way, feel free to contact me and to propose something.

Generosity is the gateway to a spiritual path and it is the practice that balances more advanced paths, such as concentration and wisdom.

An act of generosity cannot be such if moved by fears and constraints, it cannot be imposed or being a basis for future repentance. Generosity does not buy or own anything, it has only one way, that of giving without expecting anything back.

If you wish to donate, please do so with an open heart, by carefully considering your possibilities and your motivation. Once you have decided, keep open your heart and your mind to the joy of giving and sharing.